Blanksby Kitchen

Light and Spacious Interior Design

Melbourne, Victoria

AMG Architects was challenged with creating a new modern kitchen. It needed to incorporate an open plan dining and living room, additional storage and, in some way, involve the colour blue.

The modern and functional response resulted in a light and spacious interior design. Features including an opening wall to connect the kitchen with dining area and a cleverly concealed additional refrigerator behind a simple blank, hinged panel highlight the innovative design approach.

Colours, materials and finishes are used in harmony and modern space-saving systems complete the design.

AMG Architects achieved a complete transformation of the c.1970 orange Laminex® kitchen to a vision of streamlined elegance.

“Recently we had a complete remodeling of our kitchen area by AMG Architects. It had been outdated and impractical. With careful consultation and research into various materials, hardware and appliances, our architects were able to provide us with a design and detailed set of drawings that suited our ideas while satisfying our budget as well. They also helped oversee the construction phase from start to finish, which was critical in the delivery of such a high standard of workmanship. We now have an excellent kitchen environment that is not only great to work in but looks fabulous too!” – Rex Blanksby (Client)

Project Time Frame

Time Frame

3 months design and documentation and 2 months construction.

Project Cost


Approximately $30,000


Written by Clare Gleghorn