Inviting and Luxurious as well as Practical and Workable

Melbourne, Victoria

Europanels required a reception area that not only offered an inviting and luxurious customer service space but created a practical and workable link for staff between the adjoining tearooms and main workshop.

AMG Architects collaborated with the client to choose light weight framing materials that leant themselves to the existing industrial space while also allowing for ample natural light in the north-facing reception.

AMG Architects skill and attention to detail meant the entire project, from construction and finishes to the designer furniture and interior design, was carefully considered and expertly executed.

“I learned a lot working with the architects and was very happy with their design and level of commitment throughout the entire job.” – Peter Ruggeri (Client and Property Owner)

Project Time Frame

Time Frame

2 months design and documentation and 2 months construction.

Project Cost


Approximately $60,000