Gower Residence 

Breathing Life into The 1920s Neo-Tudor Style Home

Melbourne, Victoria

The Gower residence renovation was an exercise in restraint and exemplified AMG Architects’ sensitivity to period design.

Concentrating solely on the bedrooms, en-suite and study of this 1920s neo-Tudor style home, AMG Architects’ set about breathing life into the pokey and dated rooms while retaining their charm and relevance to the existing spaces.

Through clever architectural design and the positioning of mirrors, elongated windows and ‘floating’ design features, AMG Architects was able to take full advantage of light to generate calm and a greater sense of space.

The seemingly minimal renovation works presented design challenges in connecting the variously altered elements of the home and AMG Architects successfully embraced this to ensure that the final result articulated a welcoming and luxurious living experience.


Written by Clare Gleghorn