Harman Residence 

Clever Joinery Units and Intelligent Design Elements

Melbourne, Victoria

AMG Architects was not part of the initial design process and was tasked with refocusing and reinvigorating this home extension project. They were able to lead the documentation and contract administration processes and the full servicing of the exterior works to allow the construction to proceed.

Clever joinery units conceal clutter and make the rooms appear open and spacious.

Intelligent design elements frame the pool and allow the residence to flow over into the outdoor space, drawing these elements together.

AMG Architects use windows to break up the walls and expansive brickwork and make use of the stunning vistas on to the established garden.

“Making extensions to this Peter McIntyre designed house was a challenge. We wanted to retain the essence, but at the same time give the place our own character. Marc and Raj rose to the occasion and helped us to make our house a truly unique home.” – Annie Harman (Client).

Project Time Frame

Time Frame

3 months design and documentation and 6 months construction.

Project Cost


Approximately $250,000


Written by Clare Gleghorn